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Indonesia Walida Co-Op

Indonesia Walida Co-Op

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In the Tlogosari Village, the locals have established a social non-profit cooperative known as the “Walida Cooperative”, to enhance the overall well-being of the community. Led by Ahmad Muhlisin, 20% of all profits are allocated to the cooperative. This 20% is set aside for a local K-12 school that focuses on supplying free education to villagers. 

Ahmad's coffee is grown at the base of Mount Argopuro in the eastern region of Java, Indonesia. Given the limited water resources in his area, he places a strong emphasis on natural-processed coffee. The coffee processing initiates with a thorough cleansing of the cherries. Following this, they are meticulously sorted by flotation and then gently sun-dried on raised beds. The next stage involves a "density sorter" to categorize the cherries, after which they are carefully packaged and shipped.

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