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Upshot Coffee

Honduras Luna Maki Co-op

Honduras Luna Maki Co-op

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Klaus Hoppert Orellana started growing coffee with a vision to help his people through a more profitable coffee crop. With a small processing facility in the village of Las Botijas Honduras, Klaus and his US counterpart, Vince McDonnell, are now helping educate and incentivize farmers to improve coffee quality without harsh fertilizers and pesticides, bringing straightforward methods to the mountains of Comayagua to help them get higher prices and produce better coffees. 

The coffee, comprised of Obata, Pacas, Ihactu, and Pache varieties, undergoes natural processing and is grown at an altitude of 1,650 meters above sea level. This offering not only embodies a commitment to sustainability but also promises a remarkable cup. We taste notes of cherry, brownie, floral honey, and walnut. This is the result of the collaborative efforts of individuals like Klaus and Vince, who are fostering positive change in the coffee industry.

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