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Upshot Coffee

Rwanda Isimbi Co-op

Rwanda Isimbi Co-op

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Experience Rwanda's mixed regions with our Isimbi lot, meticulously crafted by over 150 smallholder farmers. This IMPACT verified coffee is a testament to sustainability and quality, with each step of the process designed to make a positive impact.

Cherries are selectively handpicked to ensure only the finest quality makes its way to the washing stations. From there, the cherries undergo a thorough process of flotation, pulping, and 24-hour wet fermentation to remove any remaining mucilage. The parchment is then meticulously graded by density and soaked to enhance its quality and shelf life.

After careful washing, the parchment undergoes hand sorting on pre-drying tables to remove any defects, ensuring a consistently exceptional coffee. It is then laid out to sun-dry, further refining its flavor profile. Finally, the parchment is bagged up and sent to RWACOF, Sucafina’s Rwanda counterpart, for milling. Look for notes of blood orange, pear, and almond butter in this Isimbi lot.

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