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Brazil Sitio Tres Coqueiros

Brazil Sitio Tres Coqueiros

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A few miles outside of Santana Do Manhuaçu, in Minas Gerais Brazil, lies a tiny plot of land that grows a few red catuai coffee trees. This sitio, a “small modest place”, produces only a few bags of coffee a year, managed by Fabio Silva.

The product of Fabio’s exceptional care for his trees, the low yields, and careful processing shine through in the final cup. This naturally processed catuai is a testament to Brazilian specialty coffee; a delicate and complex cup, with notes of black tea, grapefruit, raisin, and plum.

Upshot’s connection to Fabio began through Agner Torres and Prime Coffee. Agner has worked as a local coffee buyer in Brazil for many years. Agner’s mission is to buy coffee from all over the region to bring awareness to the overall specialty market in Brazil. This small market is only growing due to the diligent efforts of people like Fabio and Agner with the help of organizations like Prime Coffee. 

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