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Upshot Coffee

Peru, Mosies Ccalla

Peru, Mosies Ccalla

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Moises and his wife, Juanita Quispe, cultivate their coffee in Alto Inambari, near the town of San Juan del Oro, which serves as the area's coffee collection center. Their farm, situated at 1820 MASL, spans ~2.5 hectares and yields around 25 bags of green coffee annually. Despite minimal support from local COOPs and competing with mining and coca for income, Moises's active involvement in coffee production, combined with his economic acumen, positions his farm for a promising future.

Moises Quispe and his family meticulously manage every step of their coffee production, from drying to wet processing and picking. Located in the challenging terrain of the Sandia region, they ensure high-quality results with a drying time of 12-15 days. This attention to detail is particularly notable in a region where such precision is uncommon.


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