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Nicaragua Finca El Bosque "Anaerobic Natural"

Nicaragua Finca El Bosque "Anaerobic Natural"

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Region: Nueva Segovia 

Variety: Yellow Catuai 

Process: Anaerobic Natural 

Altitude: 1,250 MASL


To the northeast of Diplito in the municipality of San Fernando, lies Finca El Bosque, a 104-acre coffee farm exclusively cultivating varieties of 100% Arabica coffee. This Rainforest Alliance Certified plantation is dedicated to the cultivation of shade-grown coffee.

The coffee legacy of the Peralta family dates back to the early 20th century, with their farms situated in the Dipilto and Jalapa Mountain range. The combination of high altitude and a favorable climate in this region yields some of the finest specialty coffees in Nicaragua. Through meticulous oversight of the coffee harvesting and processing, the Peralta family ensures the traceability of their beans throughout the entire journey – from the day of harvest to the day of sale.

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