Ethiopia Sidamo Washed

  • $20.00

Ethiopia Sidamo Washed Heirloom. Grown slightly lower at an altitude of 2000 meters but is equally mesmerizing. With the same cup score of 87.5, this variant has been washed, highlighting its complex flavor profile and preserving the charm of the 74110, 74112, & Heirloom varietals. We taste mandarin orange, floral notes, and black tea.

Behind this unique coffee is Asefa Dukamo Korma, CEO and founder of Daye Bensa Coffee. Asefa's coffee journey began in Daye town in the Bensa district, where he identified the region's incredible coffee potential. Starting with the Qonqana washing station in 2002 (sometimes called Asefa No. 1), Asefa has fostered a thriving coffee hub, complete with an expansive dry coffee mill and an internationally recognized coffee destination. Today, Daye Bensa Coffee is led by the first and second generations of Asefa's family and exports four to six thousand tons of coffee annually.