Congo Umoja Women's Co-op

  • $20.00

Congo Umoja Women's Co-Op. Grown in the stunning landscape of South Kivu Congo in the African Great Lakes region, this SL-34 offers a delightful cup and supports a great mission!

Positioned at altitudes between 1480-2000 MASL, these beans go through a meticulously curated process, starting with a 12-hour dry fermentation, followed by a 24-hour wet fermentation. After that, they're dried for 12-21 days on raised beds to achieve the perfect moisture content. We taste notes of red apple, vanilla, and almond.

The Congo Umoja Women's Co-Op proves that coffee can be a catalyst for change. Historically, women in the coffee industry often found themselves in the shadows, working tirelessly with little ownership. This co-op is changing that narrative, proving that gender equality can thrive in the industry. Today, 30% of the co-op's members are female, with the goal of achieving gender parity by 2028!