Colombia Finca Cristalina Decaf

  • $18.00

Colombia Finca Cristalina Sugar Cane Decaf. Perched at an elevation of 1450 MASL, Finca Cristalina has been a mainstay in coffee cultivation for over a century. Today, it's managed by Alberto and German Grajales, who inherited this coffee legacy from their father. 

The magic of this coffee lies in its process. The beans undergo an indirect solvent method, soaked in near-boiling water for hours to extract caffeine. Followed by an immersive wash in a solvent derived from sugarcane, which selectively bonds with the caffeine molecules and evaporates. Finally, the decaffeinated beans are re-soaked in the original slurry, reabsorbing the flavor elements. It's a meticulous process that brings you a wonderful cup without caffeine! 

The result is a fantastic decaffeinated Castillo that doesn't compromise on flavor. We taste notes of apple, caramelized sugar, and toasted cereal. A testament to the skill and dedication of the producers who craft it, this decaf experience is not to be missed!