it's what's in your cup


Upshot Coffee aims to serve supreme beverages, wrapped up in an approachable experience. Let us do what we do, the upshot is what ends up in your cup.
We seek the betterment of coffee with an emphasis on ethical sourcing and sweetness in roasting. Our brewing philosophy focuses on framing both of these qualities not only in your cup, but in a space where commerce and thoughtful food intersect.
Our locally sourced eats are powered by Beets & Bones. Farm-to-cup and farm-to-table chef crafted eats, cold pressed hydraulic juice, wellness shots, adaptogen smoothies, and homemade bone broths.


Cottleville was our first location and has evolved every year since we opened.  To put it mildly we had no idea what we were doing when we opened this cafe we just had dreams and big ideas!  As we have consistently tweaked and improved our concept and business model our flagship location has improved every year and we think it's the best it has ever been.  From cozy countertop seating to a beautiful patio you can enjoy your coffee or juice with your toast and enjoy a modern cafe that still feels comfortable and inviting.


Brake Shop was opened in July of 2020.  This building was an old Shell Gas station and then for 40 years Curley's Brake Shop.  Conor drove by it multiple times a week taking his son to practice and swore if it ever went up for sale he would purchase it.  One day it did, and we bought it and turned it into cafe number 2.  It is completely unique from the glass garage doors to the murals hand painted by Megan Clayton inside to the Sho Sugi Ban method of preserving wood planks in our patio build in.  You must grab a cup of coffee and a toast and enjoy the neighborhood feel and open light filled space.  


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