Our Cold Pressed Hydraulic Juice and Bone Broth are produced by our sister company Manifest Juice and Broth.  Manifest has been about quality - from the produce to the packaging from day one.  It's the reason we started with a $30,000 hydraulic cold pressed machine instead of a rotary counter top unit that would destroy vital nutrients that costs $1,000.  We weren't going to sell anything that was a trend and not an actual health food.  We committed to bottling in glass to keep harmful runoff out of our juice and encourage reuse of the bottles.  We buy organic and local at every opportunity.  Then we take no shortcuts.  Our broth is made on our stove and typically simmered for 2-3 days with organic mirepoix, reverse osmosis water, and bones from animals that have been treated and fed fairly and with their health in mind so you are dealing with healthy animals. 


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