Colombia Finca Las Marias "168 Hour"

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Colombia Finca Las Marias "168 Hour”
Region- Quindio
Variety- Geisha
Process- Carbonic Maceration
Notes: Pomegranate, Rum, Dark Chocolate
These cherries were picked when they were perfectly ripe and sent to Cafe 1959 Facilities at La Clarita Drying station. The cherries underwent anaerobic fermentation in sealed tanks with CO2 for 168 hours, were slowly dried for 50 days, and aged in grain-pro bags for at least three months before being hand-sorted, vacuum packaged, and dispatched. Las Marias Estate, owned by the Giraldo family, is a new farm in Pijao, Quindio, with a high elevation and surrounded by native forest, ideal for growing exotic coffee varietals like the Geisha. Despite being an abandoned farm covered with grass and invasive plants, the best genetics were selected for growing in Las Marias. The Geisha seeds were obtained from Panama, and the trees were carefully tended to.