Colombia Loma Alta "Adapted Variety"

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Colombia Loma Alta "Adapted Variety"
Region- Huila
Variety- Chiroso
Process- Double Washed
Notes: Cardamom, Lime, Sweet Basil
This coffee underwent a 24-hour in cherry fermentation followed by 24 hours in an oxygen-depleted anaerobic barrel with water, allowing the beans to develop unique flavors and aromas. After thorough washing and sun drying, the final product is exceptional, with an exquisite flavor and aroma, a testament to the meticulous care and attention paid during every step of the process. The Loma Alta farm made a wise decision to import seeds from Ethiopia, as they wanted to work with an exotic variety of coffee. To their surprise, the seeds and coffee adapted effortlessly to the weather and altitude in Garzon, Huila. The Ethiopian variety is clean, with floral and fruity notes. Additionally, what sets it apart is its sweet basil and cardamom flavor profile, which is appealing to tea drinkers and coffee drinkers alike.